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BNI Watford Junction Chapter

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In short, we are the Watford Junction chapter of Business Network.

International (BNI), a networking organisation which originated in the US.

Our BNI chapter currently comprises of 41 members, who largely either run their own businesses or are there to represent a business for which they work.

We meet on a weekly basis (details here) to educate each other about the type of work we do, what kind of business we are looking for. The BNI structure helps to maximise our potential to give each other business.

As part of the BNI meeting we pass business to each other for work we need completing or, as is more often the case and the main premise for our BNI meeting, business opportunities for each other which we have found or created during the previous weeks.

We are always looking for new disciplines to join our BNI chapter. We all meet plenty of people during our week both personally and conducting business enabling us all to find business opportunities for each other and for you! Why not find out if we have a space for your business at BNI Watford Junction?

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