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Pink Connect (Watford)

The most profitable call you'll make today!
Business & Domestic Telecoms | Business Support

At Pink Connect we understand efficient communication is critical to your business. The usual “call centre” support from big telephone providers just does not serve today’s businesses. We understand how frustrating it is to be dealt with in this way, because in truth, they have absolutely no idea what your business is about or how it operates! They have never been to meet you!

Pink Connect specialises in Business Telecoms, IT and Commercial Power. We have over 3000 customers that rely on us for straight forward advice, extraordinary customer service and market leading prices.

How do we do this? By meeting with you, understanding your business needs, solving the issues that get in the way of doing business and being there, when you need us.

If what you need is a telecoms solution that really works for your business, and coincidentally costs less than you are paying now, backed with great personal service from local experts; Get in touch today.

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