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Stuart Falconer

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Crispin Rhodes

Prompt, personalised and professional services
HR Consultancy | Business Support

Stuart runs a specialist human resources company, working flexibly for small to medium sized businesses with anything from 1 to 150 employees to either support their existing HR function or provide a complete outsourced HR service.

Stuart can work as a member of your management team, contributing knowledge and experience, encouraging and building personal relationships with your staff and devising ways for everyone to build their skill sets and progress along their chosen career path.

The sort of benefits Stuart offers include:

  • Comprehensive contracts, policies and procedures written in plain English
  • Having consistent advice from somebody who knows your circumstances thereby avoiding having to brief different professionals for different problems
  • Avoiding tribunals
  • Avoidance of cash flow problems by having sudden big bills for consultancy
  • Making it easy to budget for your HR needs
  • Being up to date with all the current legislation as it happens
  • Improved productivity from a motivated workforce

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